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About Us

Growing up Kelli wanted to be a Zoologist; Kelli had a German Shepherd named Toby (he was better than Rin Tin) who was the best dog ever! While obtaining my degree from Strayer University, Kelli adopted my first American Pit Bull Terrier (Sasha) from a local rescue (now I have 4 adopted Pit Bull/Pit Bull mixes). Kelli began to volunteer & foster various breed of dogs from various local rescues and could not sit on the sidelines while many dogs died in shelters due to lack of space, because of their breed or their owners could no longer care for them.

Kelli is passionate about keeping ALL dogs in their homes and out of shelters. As a trainer my focus is on the safety of the community, dogs and educating dog owners of their responsibility.  Kelli is an advocate for Pit Bulls and stepped up to the challenge of repealing the Pit Bull ban in Charles & Prince George's Counties in Maryland.  Kelli, along with the residents of Charles County Maryland led a successful campaign against the Charles County Commissioners Office & the county "abandoned" the idea of a Pit Bull ban. The battle continues in Prince George's County to repeal the Pit Bull ban however, we're a couple of steps closer to having the ban repealed with top legislators on our side! Kelli has turned her passion into a thriving successful dog training business. Kelli is the proud owner/head trainer of Bully Brigade & ALL Training, LLC. & affectionately known as "Kanine Kelli!"